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Date of Birth
July 1, 1967 in British Columbia, Canada

Vital Statistics
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 105lb

Father: was furnace repairman.
Mother: was a waitress.
Children: Brandon (b. June 6, 1996) and Dylan. (b. December 27, 1997)

Career Start
1989 was the year of Pamela Anderson's first big break. At that time she was working as a fitness instructor in Vancouver. She had attended a professional football game with friends when a cameraman focused on her. She was projected onto the stadium's big screen wearing a Labbatt's T-shirt (a major Canadian beer maker) which caught the attention of a Labbatt's manager who signed her on as a model for the "Enter the Blue Zone" campaign.

Playboy became aware of this campaign, leading her to appear on the magazine's cover in October 1989. After this, Pamela played small parts on various television shows, including Married with Children and Home Improvement. Her role as Lisa on Home Improvement lead to her spot on Baywatch.

Through high school Pamela was active in sports particularly volleyball in which she won trophies.

Her goal in life stated in her high school yearbook was "To be a California beach bum."
Pam was the first baby of the Canadian Centennial to be born in the area.

Pamela dated some famous bachelors, including Sylvester Stallone, Dean Cain, and Scott Baio which she was briefly engaged. Ultimately, she married Motley Crue drummer Tommy in 1995.

Fan Mail
Pamela Anderson
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